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Andy Gass

That's Jewgrass Boys. No hyphen. Hyphens *divide*. Jewgrass *brings together*.

Chip Dalby

I just "discovered" Phil's or Phil'z (depending on which sign you go by) about two weeks ago - oh boy am I glad I did. I prefer low-fat milk to cream in my coffee, which seems to trip them up every time i order, which i find endearing.

Your photo of Phil is simply awesome. Do you have a favorite painting? Mine is "Horse Trick". Everything about Phil's is right.

Robbie Reid

I asked one person there why they put the mint in the coffee and she said 'it's the z in Philz' so maybe it is Phil'z. Though one sign outside has Phil's.

Can anyone enligthen me about the prevalence of exotic birds customers bring there?


that's a really good question -- about the birds. I have no idea but I will ask next time I go there.


Nina Jo

hey are those great jewgrass boys still in sf??

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The coffee that Phil sell its very good i try it once and i really like it because its flavor is different and i like it where you get it from ?

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