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please, natalie, russian waxer extraordinaire, can give diana a run for her money. so much so that we were thinking of opening a combination yoga/waxing studio so that she could double up on her $$. first of all, this is a woman whom you have to constantly set boundaries with because her end goal is to turn you into a 12 year old girl. and if you takes your eyes off her and read a magazine or something, you're in for a rude surprise. second, her mark of triumph is ripping out a patch of hair while you are in an upside down lotus position, screaming "excellent!" or "it must be done!" and then sticking the wax strip in front of your face so that you too can revel in the fact that half of your pubes were inadvertantly ripped out. why do we all go to her? my theory follows my theory on why i only end up dating catholics and jews: as an atheist, i'm fascinated by the concept of guilt. as for the waxing: apparently i'm also subconsciously fascinated by the concept of repentance. never having repented for any of my various sins in life, i just let a crazy russian chick do the damage for me. fun!

Russian Woman

Eah russian girls hot! :)

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