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Dude! Gumshoe reporter that you are, you should have run after them! This is a huge story right now (see NYTimes article: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/24/science/24bees.html ). Bees are disappearing all over the country, with potentially devastating effects to the pollination of our crops (fruits, vegetables, flowers and nuts - especially almonds).

As for being afraid of a bee swarm (note: "swarm" not "flock"), if they're honey bees (a good chance), they're really not that dangerous (see Wikipedia: "Swarming (honey bee)"). They're just looking for a good location for a new home with more storage space for food and their young. (And, no, that food isn't human blood.) I wouldn't be surprised if the beekeeper helps you out (though next time, it might help to be less... alarmist ;-) ). The beekeeper community is quite friendly and does not-so-infrequently come to the aid of distressed neighbors. I know - my father is a beekeeper.

You might seek out the UC Berkeley botanical garden. They might know someone who can help you out or at least give you further info on how you can do your part in the war to save our precious bees.


Here in Fairbanks, we have a Cooperative Extension Service, which is connected with our local University. Perhaps you can find something connected with a nearby University that has forestry/agriculture departments?
The Cooperative Extension is a wealth of information on everything from actual forest pests (e.g. spruce bud worm) to gardening tips. I'm sure, given the national problem with "disappearing hives", that some research institution near you would be thrilled with information as to the whereabouts of bee swarms.

Good luck!


I currently have another swarm of honey bees right now in a wall in vacant apartment in which before I rent I need to remove. I surely know how by now but I am no bee expert this is the forth swarm I have had in a 3 year span and also have a yellow jackets nest in my wall at home. I am going to have to call a bee keeper soon again and yes I hate paying for it. My kids and I feel like we have been invaded and watched the discovery chanel several times outside our windows and doors. What amazing creatures. I wonder if there is any meaning to this most peaople I speak to havn't even experienced a swarm let alone had four of them.


Correction I did in the paast also have a yellow jackets nest in my wall. That was in the past. They ate through the drywall. I live in Florida.


The bees are disappearing all over the country, large groups are becoming disoriented and dying in what is called, Colony Collapse Disorder, and they stopped by to see you before they go.... man, that is so friggin' flattering!

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